Friday, June 24, 2016

Common cold


Well I've come down with something (most likely the common cold) which might explain why I've felt extra listless the past couple of days. I'm sure I'll survive it, and on the bright side there are still eight days to my birthday so I should be better by then.

I did as little as possible today - buying essential groceries and cooking dinner. Aside from that I read, had cups of tea, watched TV and played computer games. If it wasn't for an aching face and sore throat, that would be a pretty much perfect day in my book!

I cooked steaks for dinner, chosen for ease of preparation, and only then noticed that the tray of T-bones was labelled "diced pork". I did think it seemed very cheap at the time, so I don't think I will be asking for an anti-refund! I wonder how many steaks were mis-labelled.

As I was writing that a friend from Canberra who had since moved to Darwin (far north of Australia, long way from here) called to ask if I could go to the airport next week to supervise her daughter (who is 12 like Jasmine) changing planes here and having to wait at the airport alone for an hour or so. Bella and Jas used to play together so it would be nice for them to meet up. Unfortunately Jasmine has a party that afternoon and can't go and that is the main reason Janet asked me, I said I still would if she needed me but it would be me and Aiden without Jas. She'll probably get a relative to go. I'd rather not go, it would be a bit of a hassle, but on the other hand it is nice to be useful and feel like you're helping someone and keeping little Bella safe, I'll certainly do it if she wants me to.

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