Thursday, June 9, 2016



Today was mostly devoted to catching up on some housework stuff. Not very exciting. I'm getting better sleep but I continue to feel hungry a lot of the time, it's probably the change of seasons as it's become a lot colder here. My body wants to lay down another layer of fat for warmth!

I noticed today how oddly I walk now. Months of a sore foot, trying to keep certain parts of my foot off the ground, means I lurch along. Even when it's not hurting or I'm in public trying to look normal, I'm used to my hobbling gait. I swear, when the foot pain is over I'll be running every chance I get!


  1. I bought a different style of running shoe (Hoka One Ones) on the advice of a cyber-friend- unfortunately the L one puts pressure on my bunion so there they sit in my closet...

    1. I've only got one pair of shoes I can wear at the moment, any others make it too painful. At least that one pair helps!