Friday, June 10, 2016

Does not compute


Friday before a long weekend yay! We are celebrating the Queen's Birthday on Monday (not the actual date of her birth, of course). As far as I know, no-one here (in Australia) actually celebrates the occasion but we always love a day off. I was considering having some kind of Queen-inspired afternoon tea but I couldn't think of what that would involve. Cups of tea, obviously, that is English. Cucumber sandwiches? Scones and jam?

I was at a big shopping centre today looking for lunch in the food court. There was one Chinese place that specialised in dumplings. The menu consisted of a big picture behind the counter, meal one with a picture of dumplings, meal two with slightly different looking dumplings, meal three with very similar dumplings... you get the idea. How are you supposed to know what is inside the dumplings with no description! I thought it was quite funny. But I couldn't be bothered asking, and went elsewhere. Or maybe dumpling aficionados can tell by looking - the roundish ones are always pork, the triangular ones vegetarian etc. Maybe I'm just an ignoramus.

So after lunch (beef stir fry with noodles at a different Chinese place) I bought a lovely little raspberry chocolate brownie and ate it as I was walking around. Very yummy and not large but so rich I got down to the last bite and didn't want to finish it so put it back in the bag and brought it home. And I kept thinking about it, even though I was not in the least hungry and in fact felt a bit sickly over-sugared. I told myself I can eat it any time (as long as the kids don't see, as I didn't get them anything and one bite isn't enough to share), I didn't have to have it just because it was there. But it's like my brain  could not compute that. Brownie exists. Must eat brownie. But it will make me feel sick, I don't want it now, I will enjoy it a lot more as a tiny treat this evening. Brownie exists. Must eat brownie. Arg! I made it through the whole afternoon but I was a bit frustrated with my brain.

Great news on the foot-front, the plantar wart came off last night. The spot is a bit tender today so I'm not running quite yet (lol me, running) but I was able to do the abovementioned shopping trip without pain. It is awesome! I'm not totally confident yet, after all it has come off three times before that and instantly grown back. Even if it does, I am going to make the most of these days of comfortable walking. Cool but sunny weekend forecast, perfect to get outdoors.

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