Tuesday, June 28, 2016



I feel so much better today. I woke early with pelvic pain as usual, but even then could tell I'd slept well and shaken off the cold or whatever I had. My head was much clearer and I did some really good editing work on my novel all day - I actually got to the end having made the major changes I needed to make. Now I just need to read through it again and probably make minor changes, before giving it to Tim and Jasmine to read. Jasmine has been so keen to read it for ages. I am itching to print it out but I do need to go through it one more time. No doubt after more people have read it and pointed out the stuff I've missed, I'll need to make more changes! I did some major hatchet work this time so I'm a bit worried it's like Frankenstein's monster now and doesn't fit together properly. I'm too close to see. I need fresh eyes.

I didn't go to my book club meeting. I missed last month by accident, today was a last-minute on purpose decision. I'd only read a quarter of the book because I hated it. It was "The Dressmaker" which was made into a movie recently. I looked up some reviews online to see if anyone agreed with me and at least 3/4 of reviewers did! The writing style is choppy and the narrative jumps from character to character in a very confusing way, I couldn't remember who half the people were because there were so many. I looked up the plot and it seemed ok so maybe they managed to make a good movie out of it. I thought about going to the meeting anyway but decided against it. Cold drizzly day and I was busy writing my own book!

Also the shopping centre is a bit of a danger zone for me at the moment. Best I stay away from aisles of junk food as many days of the week as I can.

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