Monday, June 20, 2016

Six years


Six years ago today I started this blog with "12 days of hell" as I went to the gym every morning leading up to my 40th birthday. I did stick to healthy living for those 12 days, but obviously it didn't last for the following six years.

This morning I weighed 81.8 kg, down from 82.2 last week. (six years ago I started at 83.1, so not much difference really).

Twelve days to my 46th birthday, twelve days of healthy living (then a couple of days off)! I'll be doing something similar to the eight week BSD that I was on before, but a few more carbs so I don't get miserable. I've been wearing my Fitbit for a few days now but haven't been tracking food - started that today. I've had some problems with the band rubbing my wrist, in the past, so I'm trialling wearing it on my other wrist at night and swapping back in the morning.

I've set it for 5000 steps which is all I can manage at the moment.

I did the shopping this morning, no nasties in my trolley today. I zoomed around because I had to rush home to see Game of Thrones, which airs here simultaneously with the US so that is 11am Monday here. Gruesome episode.

I've finished that book "Big Brother", it is about obesity but also about relationships and self image and lots of other things. Really good. I keep seeing paragraphs I want to quote at you! Like how she feels really virtuous when she is on a diet, how she knows that weight doesn't define self worth but she kind-of believes it does anyway, how she's realised that weight loss isn't magic and even if she can get her brother thin again his life will still suck if he doesn't change other things (instead of sitting at home, unemployed, watching TV).

B: yoghurt and passionfruit, tea.
L: chicken and salad, tea.
S: vegetable soup.
D: chicken and vegetable satay with quinoa.
S: banana.


  1. That last little bit about the book gave me anxiety. :(

    Congrats on 6 years of blogging. That's so impressive, it's a long time to be documenting... well anything. I never could get into Game Of Thrones, but seemingly everyone here loves it. :)

    1. Sorry Brandon.
      I'm not sure if 6 years of blogging about NOT losing weight is much of an achievement, but you can't say I give up easily!

  2. Six years! Congratulations. That's wonderful. Yes, this episode on Game of Thrones was pretty gruesome. But that doesn't surprise me from a show that is so violent at times!

    1. I know to expect it - but it was still a bit of a nasty one. But episode 9 generally is. And at least things are going quite well for some of the favourite characters instead of constant disaster!