Wednesday, June 22, 2016



It turns out people who want to track macros with a Fitbit use the MyFitnessPal app and it syncs. Lots of complaints about it on the Fitbit forums! You'd think it would be a relatively easy thing to add. Anyway. I haven't put mine back on, not sure what I'm going to do there.

I was really struggling again today and the only reason I ate well for most of the day was that I wasn't sure what time the TV man was coming back so I couldn't leave the house to go out and buy junk! (He came around 2:00, TV is fixed now.) But in the evening I couldn't face cooking - especially a healthy portion of healthy food - so I took the kids out to get KFC. I keep imagining it will be somehow better than it is. Greasy and yuck. But I ate a lot of it. And I actually feel better, so go figure. And the kids were happy. Tim will not be pleased with his oily chicken and limp chips when he gets home.


  1. Ever so disappointed a couple of wks ago, when I stopped for some KFC...
    Bland, starchy grease! but I ate the chicken breast anyway, left the biscuit & mashed potatoes - marginal win?
    (in Bad Old Days I'd have scarfed it all down regardless)

    1. I also have the problem that where we used to live we had a really good fried chicken place near us, I keep hoping that KFC will be like that. But it isn't! You'd think after all that practice they'd be able to get it right.

      BTW, I've had KFC in China (I like local food when travelling but sometimes you want something familiar!) and it was very different. Not better, weirder. Peppery, and with odd parts of the chicken used. McDonald's, on the other hand, was exactly the same as here.