Wednesday, June 8, 2016



I saw the therapist person today. She was nice, but I didn't find the session particularly helpful. I have an appointment to see her again in a fortnight, but I'm not sure if I'll go or not. We basically agreed that mood issues I'm having are probably mainly due to lack of sleep and maybe hormones. I'm seeing the gyno soon/eventually about the hormones. She had a couple of suggestions about sleep but I don't know if I will use any of them.

Firstly she has a deep breathing technique to use when going to sleep; in through the nose, hold for as long as possible (she demonstrated about 20 seconds which is a long time), then out through the mouth. So for starters, I can't open my mouth while I have a CPAP on (if I use it, which I told her I was, I didn't go into the fact I'm actually sleeping better without it because I didn't want a lecture but I did say I only wear it for a few hours and why, which is true when I am using it) so I can't do that. She suggested trying in and out through the nose. But isn't holding my breath so long the opposite of what the CPAP is trying to achieve? If I want that effect I can just leave off the CPAP and let my sleep apnoea deprive my brain of oxygen without the effort.

Secondly she suggested getting Melatonin, it can help restore sleep patterns. I've heard of that before, but I looked it up after the session and it seems to be contra-indicated in sleep apnoea because it can relax the muscles too much. Also it can make depression (and diabetes) worse. The site I looked at said over and over to only take with doctor supervision. So I am not trying that without checking with my GP first, I don't know what qualifications the therapist has. She didn't have "Dr" in front of her name.

And thirdly St John's Wort, a herbal medication, is something she's had success with. But she wasn't suggesting that right away, maybe later. And when I looked it up, it can interfere with a lot of medication, including birth control. So, again, not something I would take without checking with my GP.

The other thing she suggested was me getting out and meeting people more. She pushed yoga, which I have no interest in, but I countered with Tai Chi which I've wanted to try for a while. I did try to contact one place at the start of the year but they never got back to me and I didn't follow it up. Oh, and she suggested seeing a podiatrist about my foot since it was preventing me getting out and about or exercising. I'm giving this treatment a couple more days, then I think I will, it was one of the options I've planned to try.

Overall it was quite a pleasant chat but no new information and I think she talked more than I did so it wasn't like the sessions you see on TV where they get you to talk about your childhood. It was all her giving advice.


  1. You should either have a comfortable rapport w/therapist or not - I've had bad luck w/a few; unfortunately my Best Fit passed away after minor surgery at what sounds more & more like painfully young age (62)...
    My L foot (aka Mr Hyde; the ugly one disfigured by prior injuries) has been giving me grief so I'll have to go back to podiatrist. Foot pain is the WORST!

    1. She seemed like a nice lady but not the right fit for me. And I don't really feel like I need a therapist at the moment anyway. If I find I need one another time I'll look elsewhere.

  2. P.S. I've done a little bit of Tai Chi, but for me personally the yoga is a better fit - before writing it off try a few different classes! While vinyasa may be too strenuous, I haven't found anyone who doesn't appreciate yin yoga (slow relaxing meditative type).

    1. I have old shoulder injuries and from what I've seen of yoga they do poses that put pressure on the shoulders. I can do standing poses though. I did a short video class for a little while but then got very bored with it. Tai Chi just looks nice.

    2. I wasn't implying that **I** am any sort of yogini!!!
      I absolutely SUCK at all balancing postures, can't do shoulderstand, headstand or any inverted posture without the support of the wall or my sling... You do what you can; I still appreciate the challenge.