Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dead TV


I told you our TV stopped working the other day, while we were watching it. At the time Tim checked all the cables, tried again the next day to turn it on, still didn't work, so we got onto the repair people (still under warranty as it's only six months old). We moved the old TV down from the kitchen to the lounge and have been using that. Well the repair guy was to come this morning to look at it in situ so last night we plugged it back in. And it worked fine! This morning, still worked fine. I cancelled the repair visit. I turned the TV on a couple of times during the day to check, still fine. But tonight I sat down to actually watch something and it lasted about 15 minutes. Then off, on. Off, on. Off..... on. Off. Sigh. Need to get that repair man after all. Of course I'll be calling Friday morning so there is no way it will be fixed until next week. Oh well, first world problem. Still have the old TV.

There was a Tai Chi session on this afternoon but I'm waiting until my foot is more comfortable to stand on so I didn't go. Hopefully next week. It looked like a lovely day outside, through the window.

After school I took the kids to Acrogym, sat and read and had a cup of tea at the café bit which has seats which are merely averagely uncomfortable instead of the horrible seats/stairs in the gym part. It means I don't get to watch the kids do their cartwheels etc which I think disappoints them. I went in for the last 5 minutes but didn't see much. I was trying to read the book for this month's book club, "The Dressmaker" which was recently made into a movie which I have not seen. I am hating the book. Nasty people being nasty to each other in a small country town. And it jumps around to a dozen different characters when I want to read about the main character.

Then we dashed home for an early dinner of pulled pork that had been in a slow oven all afternoon, then out to Jasmine's school for her "musical soirée". The school goes from kindergarten (around 6 yrs old) to year 12 so there was a lot of variety. Jasmine played the clarinet in the high school band, they also had a few squeaky primary school (very small) singers and drum bands and a couple of child prodigies on piano and violin, and a rock band which was amazingly good for three year 8 boys.

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