Tuesday, June 7, 2016



Another good night of sleep. Sleep is awesome!

I had to get Aiden a new sports uniform and decided my foot would be fine for me to walk up to the school. I was so wrong. Limped home 45 mins later after what should have been a 25 min round trip.

I'm writing this as I wait for my dinner. I had to go pick up Jasmine from a friend's house right in the middle of roasting a chicken, I turned the oven off while out. So now I am very hungry smelling delicious lemony chicken that isn't cooked yet. I am very much looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I see the counsellor therapist person. That will be interesting. They called today to confirm the appointment and ask if I could come at 3pm instead, which I couldn't because I have children coming home from school. 1pm it is.

I feel like I'm progressing well with my book. If you're not up to speed with my writing adventures, I spent a bit over a year writing my first novel (after many false starts throughout my life, it has been my ambition forever). Then I got a group of writers to critique it at the start of last year. That was very confronting, but after I recovered I agreed with most of what they said. Then my mother died. Then my father died. Then we moved house. Basically I didn't touch my novel for a year. But the editing/rewriting process is going smoothly now. I'm sure there will be another round of improvements after this, but I'm getting there. I want it to be the best (first) book I can write before I offer it for publication. It's fantasy fiction, with dragons and magic and shipwreck and minotaurs. This is a long process, but that is pretty normal especially for a first book.

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