Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Busy but boring


I haven't been posting every day because I'm busy but at the same time not doing anything interesting, you know? I've got stuff to catch up on now the kids are back at school, my own editing work plus following up stuff for the pool and my dad's estate, and getting the car serviced, and general housework and other things that come up. Nothing exciting.

I've been eating healthily, drinking my water, walked yesterday. Had a headache since Monday afternoon. I've always denied that I'm addicted to sugar but what does it mean when I go through withdrawal symptoms when I stop? I'm feeling strong and determined but day three is always a bugger.

Only two days to my fibroid operation now. Can't wait. I know it won't fix everything but might at least take the pelvic pain away. Been worse this week.

I had various plans for today but after a phone call and a few emails I was diverted onto other things. It was a productive day, but not quite in the way I'd planned! The great thing is we are starting to move forward with the pool. Still have my fingers crossed it will be done by Christmas. The actual pool build doesn't take that long, but there are so many steps - interviewing various companies and choosing one, plans drawn, council approval, approval to have trees removed, getting quotes for that, finding someone to move pergola post so the equipment can get to our backyard, paying security bond in case equipment damages council property (footpath and gutters), trying to protect existing plants and structures on the way to the backyard... it's not just "hey, come and build me a pool!" But it's going to be awesome.

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  1. Glad the pool stuff is progressing smoothly and fingers crossed that everything goes fine and dandy with the operation.