Sunday, October 2, 2016



My weigh-in didn't go as badly as expected, 83.8kg (up 0.3 kg since last week), it was a kg higher than that only a couple of days ago. I ate a lot less yesterday despite being surrounded by junk, my body (and mouth ulcer) were just saying "no thanks!".

We planned to go to the beach today, the morning was gloomy and grey so we didn't leave home until it cleared up. By the time we got there it was lunchtime and after we had a nice lunch it was after 1:00pm, the hottest part of the day. Not great for pale skin. We only stayed on the beach for half an hour. The sun was very hot (I draped a towel over my legs again) but the water was freezing, Tim and I only got wet feet and even the kids didn't go far in. The whole lunch/beach experience was nice, half an hour on the sand was enough. It clouded over again anyway.

Aiden got buried in the sand and had to go into the ocean to rise off a bit.
When we got home he had a shower and left so much sand on the shower floor! I think I'll get him to vacuum the car too.

Tim's dad came over in the afternoon to play D&D with Tim and Aiden. It was a bit of a struggle to find anything to offer for afternoon tea, after visitors all long weekend!

Cronulla Sharks won the football final yesterday, I actually watched it (looking up the rules on my phone so I could follow it). Quite violent, lots of tackling - I grew up with my dad watching Aussie Rules which is essentially non-contact (it was invented for cricketers to keep fit in winter before all this international travel) and based on speed and graceful leaping into the air, this rugby league is men with no neck running until they are tackled to the ground and going off the field with dislocated elbows. No protective gear at all, not even helmets, lots of injuries. The captain of the winning team looked like his nose had been broken about 15 times. The Sharks are the local team for this area and it's the first time they have won the Grand Final ever so the beach suburb was covered in even more blue/white/black banners, flags and T-shirts than last week. There was even a whole car painted in the Shark theme with "We won!" Now that is commitment. just found out the other football, the one my dad followed, also had its Grand Final this weekend! It was so little reported here that I didn't realise. Just shows Sydney doesn't care about that code - even when the Sydney Swans are one of the teams in the final (they lost)!


    I was beyond pleased that my team won yesterday - almost gave up on 'em after disastrous 1st quarter when they were down 0-14 until they came roaring back under the #DakAttack !!!

    1. lol I definitely don't understand American football (or European for that matter) but sounds like it went well for your team!

  2. Living on the coast myself (Florida) I've learned a tip for sandy feet (and bodies!). Baby powder. Take a container to the beach and it gets wet, stuck sand off in a jiffy! Your'e welcome. :)