Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday weigh in


This morning I weighed 81.2 kg, down 0.3 kg from last week. Not much, considering I was very "good" with my diet. I did go a bit over calories on a few days I suppose. And didn't exercise all week. Oh well. It's a loss. I was actually down to 80.5 kg mid-week but went up again.

Not happy with my whole appearance at the moment. Aside from being fat, I don't know what to do with my hair and my face has these deep lines from the corners of my mouth curving down so it's like I have a permanent sad/grumpy face. I'm hoping once the chubby cheeks get smaller those grooves will be less noticeable. I just don't feel at all attractive. I've always though I was a reasonably pretty person, but not now.

Well, I am doing something about it. Two weeks under my shrinking belt.


  1. Surgery wreaks havoc on our bodies - it may take some time to catch up on all the goid you're doing.

    1. Thanks Enz you're right, I'm just starting to feel myself again after a week.