Saturday, October 1, 2016

Daylight Saving


Feeling like a social butterfly at the moment - Friday morning I was thinking about how I have no friends here since we moved but actually I see family so often and they are my friends. Although I would still like to meet some new people.

On Friday night we had some over family for a movie night (Now You See Me 2) which was fun. On Saturday we went over to a cousin's house for "a meal" which was kind of weird because it was for 3:30pm. I wasn't sure what meal that would be, kind of hoping just afternoon tea. But no, was served a big plate full of food which I didn't end up having much of. They have a toddler who they keep to strict nap times, hence the odd meal time.

They have recently acquired a budgie (budgerigar, native Australian small parrot often kept as a pet). It had just flown in the window one day, obviously very tame, it sits on your shoulder and talks. They couldn't find the owner so kept it. Very cute, and the kids are now wanting a pet bird (and dog, and cat, and pony, and guinea pig...)

This morning my father-in-law's partner brought her son and his family over to meet us. It was supposed to be for morning tea, but then there was some confusion as to if anyone knew Daylight Saving started today. We didn't until Jasmine pointed out that her phone was on a different time to her alarm clock! We had a bit of a rush to get dressed and have breakfast just in case, but they came "old time" so we needed have hurried. Anyway, they came over and the three teenage boys (and the dad) got engrossed in our VR and they were here until 2pm. Lots of cakes and cookies kept everyone going. I had very little but still instantly developed a mouth ulcer. I just don't have a tolerance for sugar any more. My body definitely prefers real food. Or at least non-sugary food, I still enjoy chips! I've had way too many of those the past couple of days.

Tomorrow (the official public holiday, Labour Day) we've got family coming over again. Who needs friends?

This afternoon Tim took the kids out to the movies. I decided not to go, I needed a little bit of family-free time! School holidays are a bit different to my usual home-alone routine.

I have been eating very badly this week. Just a bit here and there. Lunch out, ice cream with the kids, snacks at movie night, it all adds up. I weigh myself every couple of days and I know this week (official weigh in day tomorrow) I'll be up a kilo from last week. Not good. I do make plans, every evening I resolve to do better tomorrow. But the next day it's just easier to eat whatever I want. And I've still got another week of school holidays to go! I can't keep using that as an excuse. But I do.

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