Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Yesterday was grocery shopping, library, gardening, sitting outside doing cross-stitch in the sun.

I've had a couple of relatively comfortable weeks but my pelvic pain is related to my hormonal cycle and is now heading back to a couple of weeks of constant discomfort plus depression. It's like having cramps and PMS but for two or three weeks in a row! While I feel like this, I have to remind myself it is temporary hormones and I should not:
*Leave my family and move to a Rapunzel Tower somewhere.
*Decide my book is rubbish and delete the file.
*Declutter my life and throw out a lot of things I still need and love.
*Make a drastic decision about my hair.
*Spend money on random stuff.
*Say anything at all to anyone while I'm feeling emotional.

Just over a week to operation. I will try not to whine too much here.

Today included a walk and some vigorous gardening. We've really got the front yard tidied up. The "green waste" (garden clippings) bin went out yesterday, full, and is overflowing again now with a fortnight before it gets collected again. Lots of work!

I finally got around to buying a frame for a cross stitch sampler I made some years ago... apparently in 1999 going by the date sewn into it! That was the year I met Tim.
I still like this and I think I will hang it somewhere.

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