Monday, October 10, 2016

Carb flu


My weight this morning was 83.8 kg, again it was higher earlier in the week but went down a bit over the weekend - seems like the wrong way round doesn't it! But I was tired and in some pain all weekend and less inclined to overeat. It was a pretty indulgent school holidays.

Back on the BSD (Blood Sugar Diet) today, which means counting calories and low carbs. I could have waited until after my operation on Friday, but surely it's better if I'm as healthy as possible for it. I'm going to give my body only healthy food this week. I should be over any "carb flu" by Friday. I already had a headache by the end of the day so hopefully I'll get the bad bit over with quickly!

The kids are back at school and I have so much to do! I got a few things done today. Not everything I wanted, but some. Shopping, editing, a few phone calls. Healthy food, lots of water. I feel like I did well.

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