Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Did it work?


The real question about my operation is, did it work? Did it do anything to help my various issues? Well I feel like I won't know for sure until I've had a full month of my cycle as there are definitely times of the month that are worse than others and I haven't experienced the bad weeks yet. But so far, after the slight ache from the surgery faded, I think I have improved a lot. I haven't been feeling any pelvic pain, even if I lie on my stomach. Before, even in the good weeks, if I tried lying on my stomach I would get pain within seconds and have to turn over. Now, I can even fall asleep lying on my stomach, which isn't so great because I then wake up later with my damaged shoulders aching BUT my pelvis still doesn't hurt after however long. So that is fantastic.

I am feeling really well right now, last night I had an excellent sleep, no pain in my pelvis, no pain in my foot (which has continued wart free ever since the apple cider vinegar worked when nothing else did). Some of that is from the op, the rest is from two straight weeks of eating healthy. Lots of vegetables, some fruit, meat, full fat dairy, nuts, olive oil. More fish than I usually eat (three serves last week!) Very little sugar (I would say none, but I've had two squares of dark choc and also bought salsa which had some sugar), no alcohol, low carb - I had some toast when sick and have had small serves of potato and of quinoa a couple of times but other than that no bread, rice, pasta etc. I mostly get my carbs from vegetables. After a four day stall my weight dropped dramatically since yesterday so week three is going well.

I'm already looking ahead to Christmas, I want to indulge but at the same time don't want to undo all the good I've done! I don't know if I do well with trying for moderation. I think the plan will be two days "off" (Christmas and Boxing Day, both of which I will be hosting up to 20 people) then get straight back on plan. Actually I don't tend to overeat when I'm tired and busy looking after other people. I remember last year I certainly didn't stuff myself on Christmas Day, but the next morning while waiting for people to arrive I ate most of a family sized bag of Burger Rings! Something to avoid. We are hosting two years in a row partly because we have the most suitable house, but also last year was our first year here near everyone, and this year three of the other families will have brand-new babies. I love hosting, anyway. But it is a lot of work!

The pool is also moving forward. The builder, Angelo, came out today to look at the site. The previous person, Malcolm, was I suppose mainly the salesman! He did a good job at that, considering we picked his company. Anyway, Angelo is a bit concerned about getting the excavator through our narrow side yard (has always been a potential problem) but I think it will be ok. I've been warned of possible damage to plants, and I need to cut a few back hard. And they should start excavating in two weeks! I'm not sure how long the excavation/pouring concrete part takes but I know that after that they have to leave it for three weeks to cure before finishing. Still looks to be on track for Christmas. It might just be a pool with some paving around it at that stage, but it will be a pool! Tim and I will have a lot of work planting in the heat of summer before it will look really nice, we want it surrounded by tropical plants for a real holiday feel.

It was supposed to be my Book Club today and I was looking forward to it - I actually really liked the book! But Angelo was a bit late, then I had lunch and forgot all about it, then suddenly remembered but it would have been nearly over by then and I decided not to rush up to the library just for the last 10 minutes. I walked up instead, lovely day outside, and arrived just as everyone was standing up to leave. We had a bit of a chat as we borrowed next month's book but that was all. At least I got some exercise in today.


  1. Here's to keeping LCHF 24/7. I've found it's the only way I cannot become diabetic. It also helps me with weight maintenance.

    Onward and food sobriety is an awesome holiday gift.

    1. Whether or not to have "cheat meals" ever for the rest of my life is still a bit of a touchy subject for me, I feel if I say "never" I'll rebel right now.