Sunday, October 30, 2016

Monday weigh in


Yesterday we saw Dr Strange which I thought was pretty good for a superhero movie - not usually my kind of thing. Rated M but ok for my kids.

Quite a few people in the extended family are sick at the moment - just with colds I think - but we didn't have a get-together yesterday and we haven't seen either of the two babies yet! Oh well, totally understandable with this bug going round. Aiden still has a runny nose but Tim and Jas seem ok now. Somehow I avoided getting it! I had a couple of days when I thought I was coming down with something - woke with a bit of a headache or aching back - but then felt fine later in the day. Maybe all this healthy eating?

This morning I weighed 80.2 kg, that is a loss of 1.0 kg this week and 3.6 kg over the three weeks I've been doing the BSD (blood sugar diet - it's based on actual studies done on diabetics). I've got through so many temptations already! I'm feeling quite strong. Next week will be a challenge, it's Aiden's 10th birthday on Thursday week. We'll have an extended family dinner before it, his favourite foods on his actual birthday, and a kids' party at Laser Underworld on the following weekend so it will be a whole week of temptations. I plan to have a small piece of birthday cake, and that is all. I'm a bit hesitant even about that. At least I'll be making it myself - he's asked for a lemon/lime cheesecake so I know it will be high fat and low sugar (which is good on this WOE [way of eating, for if you don't like the word diet]).

I had a bit of a sad afternoon. It's 18 months since my father's death and today I got the cheque for my share of the inheritance. He didn't have much, of course any money is welcome, but knowing that it is a result of his death makes it hard. I can't just think "woo hoo a bit of extra spending money!" It was worse last year when I got the money from mum (my parents died a few months apart, after being divorced 40 years, both from cancer) because it allowed us to afford moving to Sydney where real estate is much more expensive than where we were. The irony was that mum would have loved me to live closer when she was alive, but we couldn't afford it until she died. I still feel a bit guilty and conflicted about that.

I know it's Halloween today in the US, it's not really celebrated here in Australia despite the shops trying to push us to buy costumes and decorations and cheap lollies! I went for a walk this afternoon and saw one house with a plastic skull on a fencepost, so that was a token decoration. I'll have some fun-size chocolates near the front door just in case, I used to do that in Canberra too, I think one year a group of kids knocked. I'm not sure what lollies have to do with "real" Halloween anyway. Happy Halloween if you celebrate it.


  1. I know how you feel about feeling conflicted and guilty. My husband and I inherited money from our parents who died within three weeks of each other. We remodeled our home with the money, but I would rather have them with us again.

    1. I guess I have to remind myself that it wasn't a choice - I didn't decide to take the money instead of keeping my parents. I miss them but I appreciate what they did for me throughout their lives and after.

  2. I'm jealous of the fact that y'all get an earlier opening date for many Hollywood films - Dr Strange won't open here until 11/04!!!
    Still doubt I'll go on opening weekend, though - I have a love/hate relationship w/Benedict...
    Sending sympathy for the loss of your parents - I've told mine, PLEASE spend all the money, I likewise will feel guilt about inheriting.

    1. I think my dad did spend all his money his whole life! One of the reasons my parents were divorced, mum was of a careful saving disposition. He had the fun of spending, she had the comfort of financial security, each to his/her own.

      I think Benedict is a great actor but I don't fancy him - my sister-in-law thinks he is gorgeous and is a real "Cumberbitch" as I believe they are called.

    2. Yep while I admire PC's acting chops, he just ain't my type physically (ha, I'm sure the feeling would be mutual ;-)
      Now, Liev Schreiber? Hold me back!!!

    3. I had to look up Liev, never heard of him. Not my type either, face much too square. I'm rather fond of Orlando Bloom as Legolas.