Wednesday, October 26, 2016



The second of the four pregnant ladies in my family had her baby two days ago. Welcome to little Samuel. We haven't seen him yet, or Lucy who is a week and a half old (their daddies are brothers so they will be cousins very close in age!), and now this house seems to be plague centre; Tim and the kids have runny nose and sore throat and today I have a heavy head and aching back so I assume I've caught it. We hope to see the two babies on the weekend but obviously not if we are germy, no way I would knowingly pass a cold onto a newborn.

I went for a walk today to get the kids some throat lozenges. Worked on my book. Didn't take the kids to Acrogym - they are still going to school (it's just a cold) but I thought extra exercise probably wasn't best.

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