Monday, November 26, 2012

77.5 kg


Monday shall be my weigh-in day from now on. For the moment. As long as I feel like it. Today I was 77.5kg. My daily graph is slowly creeping down. I have a month until Christmas, I would really love to lose 2.5kg to finally get down to my first goal of 75.

I walked the kids to school, it was already pretty hot outside, then went to the chemist to buy some more blood glucose testing strips. The pharmacist asked if I was a member of the NDSS (diabetics get a discount on related stuff) and I said no because I am only prediabetic. Aw, she said sympathetically. As I walked out I wondered if that was truly the appropriate response. Sympathy because I didn't have a horrible life-threatening disease? I'm happy to pay full price, under the circumstances.

I turned the air con on at home and did 30 mins of dancing, then 10 mins of high intensity River Rush. By that time I was dripping sweat and as red as a tomato. Even an hour later, after a shower and morning tea, I was very pink in the face. Despite feeling very hot, I was ok today. Not dizzy or anything.

I did the grocery shopping and some present shopping and then came home and did some editing before collecting the kids. All in all a pretty productive day. I managed to juggle everything. Ah, except housework of course.

photo by EikeR

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