Friday, November 2, 2012

Just Dance


Today I continued with the Just Dance 3 theme. It took me another three tries to get that B.Spears song, then I got the next one first time, then spent the rest of the hour getting two more. Even though one of the dances that I was doing over and over was quite a slow one -- not too energetic one would think -- I found myself really exhausted while dancing. At one stage I was almost nauseated with tiredness. Odd, since I felt fine the rest of the day. Maybe I was dehydrated or something, although I was sipping water between tracks. Anyway, five stars in four more dances, three of them pretty vigorous. That plus half an hour walking was enough for me today.

Some dances, when I finally get five stars, I think "thank God I never have to do that one again", but many of them I love and are a lot of fun. And not always the easy ones, either. I've asked for some more dance games for Christmas.

Apart from that, today I did the grocery shopping (I go twice a week so that I always have fresh meat, fruit & vegetables -- I don't like to freeze anything because I think it changes the flavour and texture) and did more Christmas planning. And ... that was about it, really. It's Friday, yay!

Good night.

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