Saturday, November 3, 2012

All is quiet


The rest day before the race. It's such a short race that I haven't worried about carb loading or anything. I'm thinking 35-45 mins, considering I expect to walk most of it. I'll have my husband and children cheering me on at the start/finish line.

I think the training schedule I've been using sucks. It is just a free thing they recently added to my RunKeeper app, and it is very poorly explained. You have to work out for yourself when to run and when to walk. Training every second day with one set of intervals per week and the rest just walking -- no wait I should have been running? What? If I decide to continue with running after tomorrow I will use the proper Couch to 5K nine week training schedule.

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  1. Best of luck for your race!! Hope you have a great time and feel proud at the end!!