Monday, November 5, 2012

Official results


I just thought to check the Fun Run website to see if there were any results, and indeed they were up.

My official time was 36:20. I was 249th out of the 673 people doing the 3.4 km race. In the first half of all the people doing that distance! I am pretty chuffed about that. In my category (female "masters" ie over 40) I came 20th out of 86. 20th!! After three weeks training! How can I possibly give up running now?

Ok, so a lot of the people behind me probably just walked it. And some of them might have been very old (I didn't notice see any particularly elderly people, but I didn't see much of the people behind me. Eating my dust!). I don't care. I did great!

I feel much prouder right now, after seeing those official results, than I did immediately after the race when I mainly felt tired and confused.

When I got home yesterday I ate a lot. Then a couple of hours later had lunch. Then had a nap. And felt exhausted all evening and went to bed early. I spent less than an hour exercising, but I guess there was a lot of tension and emotion involved as well.

I bought myself a new Pandora charm to celebrate.

Feeling a little bit like a champion.

photo by Rosa Say

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  1. You should feel like a champion! That is awesome - good job!! :)