Thursday, November 8, 2012

Carrying a turkey


I forgot on Wednesday's post that it was my official weigh-in day. I was 77.8 kg, which is a nice number. All last month I bounced up and down between 78 and 79 kg, but for the first 9 days of November I've been hovering around 78kg. A definite improvement. Now I just need to keep the number going gradually downwards.

Yesterday I struggled with a lack of energy, but still did plenty of exercise even if it was low-intensity. I did half an hour of walking in the morning, including parking some distance away from a planned meeting with someone who passes on books for me to review. He didn't show up -- I think he has come to something like 4 out of about 10 arranged meetings, and he doesn't call me until afterwards -- but I give him a lot of slack because he recently had an operation on his brain. Pretty good excuse for forgetfulness, I reckon! I just sat in the library and played my new game "Hay Day" -- like Farmville for iPhones.

Then in the afternoon I tried some Dancing but couldn't get into it and gave up after about 20 mins. I was feeling very fatigued and lackluster. After taking the kids to gymnastics I went on a 50 min walk around the area, that was nicer but I still ended up with sore feet and aching hips and just generally not feeling at my best. Maybe I was fighting off some germs, Aiden has a cold and Tim has a sore throat.

Today saw a different kind of exercise. Tim said last night that he would like to use the car today (usually he rides his push bike to work) but I needed to do the shopping for the weekend including Aiden's birthday party plus family staying. So I combined shopping with exercise. I took my backpack and two shopping bags and walked the kilometre or so to the shopping centre. Four times. It took me all day, with rests at home in between. The third trip was the hardest, a whole (smallish) frozen turkey filled my little backpack and I loaded up the shopping bags too much so that my arms and shoulders were aching by the time I got home. But overall I felt very productive. Including the school trips and walking around inside the supermarket, I walked approx 10 km in about 2.5 hours -- an hour of that carrying a heavy load. It was pretty tiring and my feet and legs are a bit sore, but I got everything I needed.

Family are arriving this evening and I don't have any energy left to clean the house or bake cookies or anything. Oh well, Tim hopes to get home early enough to help.

Then tomorrow I have to bake a chocolate cake that looks like a Ninjago Lego head.

picture by Kirk Clyatt

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