Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shopping for outdoor furniture


We spent quite a bit of today out looking at outdoor furniture. We don't have any currently, and also we won't have enough chairs and table-space for Christmas so it seemed like a good time to buy something that could be brought inside for a couple of days and added to the dining table and kitchen table. We narrowed it down to a couple of sets of similar price, with each child loving a different one from each other and Tim & I liked both. We ended up getting the set that I liked slightly less but would be much easier to clean (the wicker one would have been a nightmare for spiderwebs). It will be delivered on Tuesday and then we have to work on making the area under the awning, which now just has the BBQ, inviting to sit in. I plan to dump some dead and/or dying plants out of a few pots and getting some new plants in to decorate the area. We've been paying a gardener for the past few months and the garden as a whole is looking a lot tidier. And there are quite a few things in our vege patch now.

We had a really nice lunch in a restaurant and did some clothes shopping for Tim, so we were out much of the day. When we got home I had a bit of a lie down.

I ran out of blood testing strips today which has stopped me turning myself into a pincushion. I did manage to test two hours after the restaurant and got an excellent result. I found a diabetes forum on the internet but I'm not really sure how reputable it is or if I've stumbled on a group anti-establishment rebels. I talked about my low blood sugar readings and they (about four different people) argued that the lower the better, diabetes associations set the numbers way too high when the blood glucose is already damaging your body, and that I should be on a much lower carb diet. This all sounded quite reasonable although different to the advice I was given by the dietitian. But then one person said they have about 20-30 grams of carbs a DAY which must mean no fruit and very limited vegetables as well as no bread etc. When s/he said they followed an Atkins diet they totally lost any credibility with me. Another person gave me a link to a site that said low GI is rubbish (because low GI foods have just as much carbohydrate you need to produce just as much insulin, just over a longer timeframe, which is true but doesn't mean that isn't better than having to produce a lot quickly).

I have been struggling to eat the 45g of carbs my dietitian recommended so I'll keep eating the 25-30g per meal that is comfortable for me + snacks and keep monitoring my blood sugar and how I feel. If I keep having worrying symptoms I will contact my dietitian. Not strangers on the internet.

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