Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I hate weigh-in Wednesday


It is just the worst day to weigh-in, right after my D&D supper binge. Which was posponed. So I ate the Doritos anyway. Sigh.

My weight had been under 78 kg for more than a week. But today it popped up to 78.2 kg. Bugger. I think I'm going to change my weigh-in day to Monday. Much more logical, and less soul-destroying. Or Sat morning maybe?

Still feeling a bit off colour today, and used my dentist appointment in the morning as an excuse to not do any exercise. I have a bit of a dentist phobia and a strong gag reflex, so it's always an ordeal that leaves me wrung out and exhausted. Today was just a clean but I was still in the chair for 45 mins.

An editing job I've been waiting for will come in a couple of days, so I will have to get off my padded behind and learn to juggle work and exercise. At the moment I get to the end of the day and wonder what I did all day. 1-2 hours of exercise (when I'm not sick) but where did the rest of the time go? I'm not even playing any computer games, although I do waste a lot of time playing with my iPhone which is pretty much the same thing. And I read a lot. And review books. And do a bit of housework, although you wouldn't know it to look around this place. But way too much of nothing much.

I do have one NSV (non-scale victory) to report. I have completely weaned myself off high-GI nutritionally empty cruskits for breakfast (and snacks), and I don't buy them anymore. My regular breakfast is now Milo-flavoured instant oats with some raspberries stirred in. I know instant isn't the best way to have oats but it is a huge step up from cruskits with butter and vegemite. I've tried rolled oats and steel-cut oats and didn't like either of them and they take too long to cook. Even on weekends -- I don't want to wait 40 mins before I get breakfast! So, anyway, I am happy with my instant oats for the moment.

Tomorrow I promise I will start the day with exercise. A training run if I am up to it, a long walk if that is all I can do.

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