Thursday, November 29, 2012



I had another good dance session today, an hour of Just Dance. I spent at least 30 mins of it working of "Forget You" which I also spent 45 mins on yesterday; I'm trying to get 5 stars on the difficult setting. It is so hard! Still haven't got it. I think it would be easier on non-carpeted floor. And it hardly ever hears me when I sing my chorus bits. But I'll get it eventually. And it's a great workout.

I had the air con on in the morning while I was exercising in the lounge room, then turned it off and sat in the cool house editing all afternoon until it was time to get the kids. I didn't realise how hot it was until I went out. A real scorcher today. I took the kids to gymnastics but it was too hot for me to walk -- I got as far as the library and sat in their air con reading a magazine. Back at the gym I had sweat dripping down my back. There seemed to some sort of cooling fan but obviously not very effective. The watchers sit up in the mezzanine and heat rises so it was worse where we were, but at least we weren't exercising. The poor children on the gym floor were suffering. They had lots of drinks breaks and Jasmine says they were even given ice but it's no joke exercising for 90 mins in those temperatures. We've only ever done gymnastics as a winter sport in the past so I have no idea if the gym always gets that hot in summer or if the air conditioning was broken or something. I think we'll be swapping to swimming lessons at the end of this term in three weeks.

Ice cream when we got home.

Even hotter tomorrow, but at least they don't have gymnastics. There will a heatwave in nearby Sydney, they were talking on the news about fears that people will die. More heart attacks, apparently, and elderly people can't cope with the heat so well. It's just an inconvenience to most people, but actually life-threatening to some.

I haven't been to my gym for ages. I really should just get a 3-month membership each time because that's about how long it takes me to move on to something else.

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