Saturday, November 24, 2012

A problem to be solved


I hate the heat. I really really hate the heat. Today we had our first really hot day of the season, a week before summer. It got to 32C (I believe that is 90F). My husband doesn't even think that is particularly hot, he enjoys this temperature. But I sat around all day with a headache and napped in front of the TV. I felt listless and cranky.

It's going to be nearly this hot all week, and then get hotter. Probably a lot of the next three months will be like this or worse. It is Australia, after all.

I said the other day that I'll just exercise inside; at home or in the gym, under air con. But I was so uncomfortable and drained today that I didn't even think about working out.

I can't use this as an excuse not to exercise.

I think the most logical solution is to exercise first thing. After I drop the kids off at school -- or if it is too hot even inside then I'll have to get up early. Lately I've been waiting until the afternoon to exercise for various reasons; like I'm more productive with brainwork in the morning, and I can't put on a decent bra by myself after my shower so if I want to go out anywhere I prefer to do that first, and I'm lazy so I put it off. But so long as it's too hot to exercise later in the day, I'll have to do it in the morning when it is a little cooler.

Not negotiable.

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