Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wednesday weigh-in: 78.4 kg


Yesterday I recalibrated the Kinect -- the sensor kept staring at the carpet -- and did some Just Dance 3. I was supposed to do a training run but it was too hot and Tim was out until late with my iPhone. It's the first training session I've skipped. I decided to do tomorrow's session today so that my legs would have a longer break before Sunday's race.

First I did some more Just Dance 3, which I am really enjoying. I had previously earned 5 stars in every dance on the easy setting, now I am working on getting 5 stars in difficult. As of this afternoon, I have at least 4 stars in every dance and 5 stars in about a third of them. I got stuck on "Baby One More Time", which I remember finding hard the first time round. I did it over and over, getting a slightly better score each time but not quite achieving 5 stars (my best was 9,958 -- I need 10,000). After an hour and quarter I was getting tired and my score was starting to go down instead of up, so it was time to quit for the day.

I had another awkward shower with my sports bra still on then took the kids to their gymnatics class and went to the gym. I was hoping the treadmill would be kinder to my shins than the footpath but it wasn't. Or maybe I'm just doing a bit more damage every time so it hurts more and quicker. I only managed to do 4 of the 10 running intervals, I walked the rest. My shins just hurt too much, and my knees and ankles weren't feeling that wonderful either. Maybe I'm too old/fat to run. Or maybe I can blame it on my technique, I run like a zombie hippopotomus.

I'm still committed to running (or more likely mainly walking) in this race on Sunday but that might be it for me. I'm not enjoying it and it is hurting me, which interferes with other exercise. I do enjoy dancing, and walking, and often briefly whatever interests me that month like rowing or BodyPump or Zumba. No one is making me run except myself. My whole lower legs are aching right now.

Do I need to mention my weight this week. It is much the same. Clearly this reasonably high level of exercise is preventing me from getting fatter, which is better than nothing. But I need to get control over my eating as well if I'm actually going to lose weight. I tracked carefully for a couple of weeks, its a good record if I want to show a diabetes-expert dietician or something, but yesterday I just couldn't be bothered so I guess that is over. I am trying to eat mindfully.

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