Monday, November 12, 2012

Pumping Iron


I went to BodyPump yesterday. My ideal is to do weight training 2-3 times per week but it's only been about once a fortnight recently. It has been easier to fit in cardio. I'm not too stressed about it, as long as I am doing some form of exercise most days I am not going to quibble about what kind it is. Anyway, I enjoyed the class and was still able to do the slightly heavier weights I moved up to last time (on a few tracks).

I was getting an odd thing where when I straightened up after bending or crouching I would see stars and feel very dizzy, but otherwise I felt fine.

When I got home I played Aiden's new Kinect game Rabbits which was good interval training, lots of jumping and ducking and running on the spot.

Later in the afternoon I started to feel unwell. Aiden has had a cold for a week and Tim has been unwell for a few days, so I guess I finally succumbed.

This morning I woke with a combination of the cold, sore muscles from BodyPump, and PMS cramps. So I cancelled my planned run and just went for a walk instead. It was a nice morning stroll (42 mins to be exact) which helped combat symptoms from the latter two problems. Walking always eases muscles stiffness and also helps PMS. If I feel better later I could do some more exercise of some kind, but at least I know I have done a little bit today.

I have discontinued my RunKeeper 5K training plan (although I haven't worked out how to cancel it without dumping the whole app which I don't want to do, so I am getting lots of sad face icons for missing training every second day), I think the plan was very flawed as I have complained about before. I have downloaded a proper C25K app and was going to start that today but I'll but it off a couple of days.

I have my second Prediabetes seminar tomorrow, this one all about food, so I will revise my food plans then.

Are we really nearly finished 2012?

photo by nataliesap

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