Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Prediabetes seminar


Diabetes ACT, the diabetes organisation for my state, holds regular information sessions and today I went along to "Introduction to Diabetes and Prediabetes". It was a small group, one other person with prediabetes, one who had recently been diagnosed with diabetes, and two who have had diabetes for a while. It was run by a dietician.

I've been doing a lot of reading so I knew most of it but it was good to have it confirmed. She did a very clear presentation of how diabetes works, using little wooden disks for blood glucose and keys for insulin moving around a model of a digestive system. We got lots of hand-outs to read at home but the keys points she put on the board were:

* Eat regular meals with approximately the same amount of carbohydrate in each one to keep blood sugar levels smooth, and choose low-GI carbohydrates. Don't go a long time with no carbs because then when you do have some your blood sugar will spike. Carbs with every meal.
* Eat some protein with every meal to slow down the speed of digestion (fat does the same thing but she didn't recommend eating extra fat, oddly enough) which means smoother blood sugar levels.
* Avoid or limit sugary foods, especially drinks like soft drink and fruit juice.
* Limit fat intake, and choose healthy fats like olive oil.
* Increase fibre -- as well as its various other benefits it slows down digestion.
* Exercise regularly.
* Lose weight.

Those last two are certainly not the least important!

I should be aiming to keep my blood sugar within 6-8 mmol/L after meals (4-6 mmol/L fasting, I've never had a problem with fasting levels). I am still going over this at times, like last night after D&D supper even though I felt I ate quite moderately.

Still doing Just Dance 3 at home for exercise. I'm giving my legs a break from running so that my shins can recover.

photo by Beth Rankin

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