Tuesday, May 12, 2015



Today was my 13 year wedding anniversary.

We went out to lunch at a restaurant called Courgette which is French for zucchini. The butter for the tiny bread rolls was bacon flavoured. Last year I think it was anchovy flavour and I didn't like it, smoky bacon was much nicer! The cutlery there was crazy long. That is not a trick perspective photo!

I took some surreptitious pictures when I was pretty sure no one was looking. Here is my entrée, "seared scallops with smoked cauliflower puree, fennel crunch and fermented black garlic".

I didn't take a picture of my main, but it was "mushroom tortellini, charred leeks, kale chips, free range egg yolk, onion jus". It was my least favourite of the three courses, but still nice. Fairly ordinary taste but plated up well.

My dessert was "Windsor strawberries and cream, meringue, custard, mint cloud, freeze dried mandarin". Delicious.

It was a very nice lunch with my lovely husband, and I left the restaurant full but not overstuffed. I have no idea how to estimate calories though, I haven't been tracking for a few days so I think I'll start tomorrow! My goal is to lose 3.3 kilograms this month.

In the afternoon I went for a walk out in the cold and felt super sleepy afterwards. Last night I pulled off the CPAP after only four hours, for the first time in weeks, because I turned onto my back and water ran down into my nose! Only a little bit but it felt horrible when I was mostly asleep at the time. It was probably condensation because the room was cold but the air in the CPAP is warmed and humidified. After that I didn't sleep well.


If it seems like I tack on things like news about my dad at the end of my posts it's not because I don't find them important, it's because I often write most of my post earlier in the day but don't finish it until the evening if something else happens I want to write about. My dad's partner Wendy called tonight, he went in for more tests today, no results yet, and he was so unwell they have kept him in hospital again. Wendy says he looks like a walking skeleton. He is not a compliant patient and just wants to go home, very grumpy. I have booked a hotel for the weekend - it seemed easier for them than staying at his house, and if he is in hospital the hotel would be a lot closer - but I am getting very worried that this weekend could be too late. I am going to call the hospital in the morning and see if they have any advice, then decide.


  1. It's pretty funny looking at those jousting forks, I immediately envisioned a very low rising table with high risen chairs. The forks used to compensate space from you to the plate lol.

    Hope things start improving for your dad.

  2. Perfect forks to reach into someone else plate! Happy anniversary.

    I sure hope they find what's wrong with your father soon, he has been sick for a while.

  3. Unusual cutlery!

    Many Happy Anniversary Wishes

    All the best Jan