Thursday, May 28, 2015

More productive


Yet another day! They go past so quickly.

Quite headachy today, which is annoying, but emotionally I'm doing ok. Talked to Wendy again about funeral arrangements, should be next Wednesday she thinks assuming the autopsy is finalised.

Those people who tried to scam me (and very nearly succeeded) some months ago called yet again today, that is twice in the past week. This time I said "How can you live with yourself? You are a thief and a liar," and she hung up. I hate being reminded so often that they nearly got me the first time, I was on the phone with them for a long time believing their story before I suddenly realised. I felt so stupid and gullible. It's something I really want to forget. I suppose I should be grateful that I caught on in time and now I'm more cautious. But I don't like having to assume the worst of strangers. I liked being naïve and assuming the best always.

I don't feel like I wasted the day today, I didn't have a lot of fun but I was a lot more productive.


  1. Those people sound awful! What on earth are they trying to get out of you by saying those things? Don't feel gullible; people get scammed all the time on the phone. In my area, the elderly are very big targets.

    It must be very hard waiting for the autopsy and funeral. I hope they both bring you and your family some well deserved closure. When my beloved dad died I felt like I was shell shocked the first few weeks so I think you are doing really well. Grieving is very hard.

  2. On the phone I can be really rude, if within thirty seconds the caller hasn't say why he/she is calling... I hang up. I do the same thing at the door, if the person is not someone I invited, I say no thanks and close the door. I can hear them saying that I didn't even know why they were there... doesn't matter, I shut the door to their face!