Saturday, May 9, 2015

Worried about dad


I've signed up for the four week dietbet starting on Monday. And Tim is going to do it with me! We discussed it back when I joined the six month one, but decided he didn't have 10% to lose. But 4% is perfect for him, just a few kilograms. He already exercises a lot as he rides his bike to and from work every day in nearly every weather, so he'll have to cut down on the food just a little. He's a bit of a carb addict and quite often turns to toast in the evenings. It will be nice to do it together.

I've decided to stick with carb cycling, but go the "classic" option instead of the "turbo" I was doing. I'll be alternating high and low carb days, I was struggling a bit with two low carb in a row. And I've also decided on the option of a small treat or treat meal on each high carb day rather than one big blowout on the weekend because I've deprived myself all week. By small treat I mean a couple of squares of dark chocolate as my afternoon snack, or real pasta instead of zoodles sometimes. Actually I like zoodles, but that sort of thing. A bit of extra leeway without letting calories get out of hand. And it allows for a treat meal that includes both carbs and fat - otherwise not allowed together - which gives me more flexibility with meal choices. I'll see how it goes.

The goal is to lose weight while still feeling good both physically and mentally. No injuries, no misery from depriving myself.

I'm worried about my dad tonight. He's been sick for eight weeks now and getting worse all the time. He's spent much of this week in hospital. He coughs all the time and can barely talk and has no appetite and his kidneys are failing. He's having more tests on Tuesday so hopefully we'll know something then, but either way I think we'd better make the drive down there next weekend. I am bracing myself for more bad news. Dad's partner Wendy is there looking after him and when I talked to her tonight she basically compared it to caring for her late husband in his last illness. This is just a sucky year so far.


  1. Because you post on it several times, I checked out dietbet... I wish I had sooner like in the beginning of Feb, I would have been cashing a lot, I could retire! Wait I'm already retire :)

    Hopefully your dad get better soon, he has been sick for a while now. Yes some years suck!

    1. Maybe you could regain some weight then do dietbet to lose it again!