Friday, May 15, 2015

Norfolk Island


I just had to write this down because I'll all excited. And you get to see me happy for a change! It's not about dad, unfortunately, no news there yet. But last night when Tim got home he mentioned that there was a job going that he could apply for. It's not in a location we'd considered, and it's only for a year so we'd still end up in the same position in 12 months, and of course there's no guarantee he'll get the job anyway. But I so want to go!

It's on Norfolk Island. Norfolk is a teeny tiny island off the coast of Australia. A long way off the coast. 1,400 kilometres off the coast, way out in the Pacific Ocean. And it is small. 35 square km. Population - 2,302. It is a crazy insane wonderful idea.

Talk about getting away from it all! It has internet access, if a bit slow, two flights to Sydney a week, it's got shops and restaurants for the tourists, cows have right of way on roads, there is only one school right up to yr12, sub-tropical weather, and it's beautiful.

I lay awake for a long time last night thinking about it. Would we sell our house or rent it out? How much stuff could we take with us? What about a car? There is accommodation offered with the job, would that be ok or a hovel? These were not the worried stressed thoughts usually keeping me awake, but happy excited thoughts.

I know it could very well not work out for one reason or another. But so what? At least I've had the pleasure of planning.

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  1. That's pretty exciting! Paradise for year, maybe. I hope it works out. ( one year only is frightening to me though,I'm must admit)