Saturday, May 16, 2015

Not as bad as I feared


We drove all day and went to see dad in hospital. I'm glad my aunt and dad's girlfriend both warned me how terrible he looked, because in comparison to my imagination he didn't look so bad! It was quite a relief instead of a shock. They did say he was looking a bit better and less pale today. Of course he did look sick and older than I last saw him, but not the skeleton I was expecting. The doctors have got him on insulin and are still trying to stabilise his blood sugar.

I planned ahead for the trip and brought along snacks and a picnic lunch. We drove up a steep track behind a little town and ate our lunch at a lookout on top of a mountain. It was quite lovely.

We walked to the hospital from our hotel a few blocks away, and obviously back again, so I made my 10,000 steps today. So overall a pretty healthy day.

Our hotel room is very cold so I'm glad there are electric blankets on the beds. Good night.

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