Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day #16,387


Today is my 16,387th day alive, or at least out of the womb. New record for me! Go Natalie! Keep it up!

I really struggle when I have a lot of stress happening. Not just with sticking to my weight-loss plan, but with everything. It's like worry takes up all the available space in my brain and there just isn't any room for anything else. I have lots to do, but there is this wall blocking me; I can't do X because I'm too busy worrying. But I'm pushing on, and trying not to make it an excuse. Not very successfully, perhaps. My food hasn't been great. Nor anything else, really. Hard days.

A couple of weeks ago our car made weird noises a few times. I put it in for a service and they couldn't find what was wrong or replicate the noise. But yesterday it made the very loud worrying whirring noise nearly every time I started the car - it stopped when I switched the engine off then on again - and I think there is a slight burning smell as well. Very worrying, especially with the travelling we have to do. I'm taking it back to the mechanic tomorrow. I took my phone out to the car this morning and it made the noise one time out of three starts, but the mechanic couldn't really hear it well. He said he'll just try starting it frequently throughout the day tomorrow until it does it. I really need my car in working order right now!

Australia is about the same size as North America but less than a tenth the population. There are huge empty stretches of land between all the cities and towns. And we are heading out to the real "sticks" (country), dad's town has I think a population of 120 people (we're staying in a bigger town nearby - both the little and the big towns have streets with my maiden name because my family has lived around there for a while). Not a good place to break down. If they can't fix the car tomorrow we might have to think about hiring one for the weekend.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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  1. Happy 16,387th day!

    Stress is part of every one day. you seems to be getting a lot more lately but you seems to doing fine. Stressful day, I just make time to medicate. I also take just a small bite in each source until it is not stressing me anymore.

    Do you have AAA (automobile club) in Australia? If the mechanic saying that he can't find the problem, it's usually something that would not get the car to be nonoperational. Sometimes it's a loose belt. As long the motor is turning and the transmission is shifting, the car will go.

    There is never any guaranty, when we drive, even a lease car or a bright new car, failure happen. The only way of being 100 % sure, stay at home but no one (in their right mind) does that!

    I know I'm early but, happy 16,388th day! :)