Saturday, May 23, 2015

Junk room


I feel much better today. I guess I just have these down days sometimes, understandable under the circumstances I think.

We spent the day working on clearing out the "studio", our junk room. I think it was the original garage for the house, it is big and full of boxes and old furniture. We haven't thrown a lot out over the years, it seems! We did have one clear out a few years ago but there is still plenty. A lot of the boxes were contributed by both sets of parents when they got sick of having our stuff cluttering up their houses, like notes from University and children's books. Some of which we want to keep, so we needed to go through it. We put in a solid four hours work, with quite a bit of help from Jasmine and none from Aiden who spent the whole time riding up and down the driveway on his bicycle. My body is now aching with fatigue, I am just not used to that kind of physical labour for hours, but we have three big piles of stuff; for charity, for throwing away, and to keep. Now I need to arrange for the first two of those to be taken away. When that is done I'm going to have new flooring put in the junk room and the ceiling repaired from years-old storm damage -- the roof was fixed at the time but not the interior plaster. Then it won't be a junk room any more; either we or future owners will be able to actually use the room! The people before us had exercise equipment out there, or it would be a great children's/teenagers' retreat.

I have to go and make a healthy dinner now. I would much rather order pizza and relax but Tim has refused. Since he started this dietbet with me not a morsel of junk food has passed his lips. And he's doing lots of extra exercise too. He doesn't have much weight to lose though, so it's not coming off very easily. At the moment I don't really care abut weight loss. Other things seem more important. I do care about my health though. My weight has remained stable. I'll definitely achieve my water goal today, and I think I've done some great exercise!

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