Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day with my family


We all went to a playground this morning. It is a big all-access one, with facilities for disabled kids, only opened a few months ago. I hadn't been before.

Jasmine and her little cousin Emma:

Aiden digging in the sand: 

The playground is near the lake, we could hear the Carillon (bell tower) recital when we were walking back to our cars.

It looks sunny enough (it clouded over in the afternoon), but it was really windy down by the lake. Ping and I had planned to go for a walk while the husbands minded the children but it was too cold! We all huddled up at the playground where it was fairly sheltered so a bit warmer.

My brother-and-sister-in-law decided I shouldn't have to cook while I'm sad, so they took us out to lunch. And we shared some desserts from the chocolate shop next door to the restaurant.Then they left mid-afternoon to head back to Sydney. It was lovely to see them. My niece is really starting to talk a bit now, and seems to have passed the worst tantrum stage.

Tim put in his job application for Norfolk Island tonight. If they want someone to start on 1st July, hopefully the selection process will be quicker than the usual months for government jobs. Tim is qualified, but we have no idea how many people would apply for something so remote.

Another call from dad's girlfriend Wendy tonight, who wanted to know when Darren would be arriving for the funeral as he is staying at dad's house. I have no idea. The two biggest stresses in my life at the moment are those two people. Darren is basically uncontactable, and Wendy is the opposite. I asked my aunty Pat to organise dad's funeral and talked to her about what dad wanted but Wendy seems to have completely taken over and is doing the opposite - like burial instead of cremation and his ashes scattered. Which will also be a lot more expensive. It's too late now to change (I assume) and I'm not up to any kind of confrontation at the moment, and also I feel like I handed over my say in the matter when I asked someone else to do the work. But it's a bit annoying. I just continue to be polite and compliant and don't speak up about anything. And toss and turn in the early hours of the morning.

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