Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crit group


Dad called this morning early, before I was out of bed (although Tim was up and answered the phone) which is so unusual for him. Generally he keeps "gentlemen's hours" as he calls them. You don't bother people before 11:00am! But he asked what day it was so he probably didn't know the time either. It scared me right away that he was doing something so out of character.

He was obviously weak and tired and a bit confused. He couldn't remember if it was his kidneys or his liver that were the main problem, but probably "everything". He said something about his head blowing up, meaning he couldn't think straight but I wasn't sure what he was talking about at first.

I spoke to the nurse a bit later on, she thought there was no immediate urgency to rush down before the weekend. We discussed the confusion which seemed to be a new symptom and she will mention it to his doctor. She said the reason they kept him in hospital yesterday was because of his uncontrolled blood sugar levels - he has become a diabetic in recent years. Maybe that is affecting his thinking? Anyway, overall she was quite reassuring that he was settled there and doing as well as can be expected. No new test results.

During dinner I talked to Wendy again. I think she is worried we aren't coming down earlier. It's all very stressful.

I got out for a walk in the chilly sunshine this morning. I didn't have a lot of time. My children were both receiving merit awards in today's school assembly and Jasmine was also playing in the band so I picked up Tim from work, we watched the assembly, then I drove Tim back to work. On the way home I went to the library. Near the library I heard this great conversation (I assume they were teenagers but I didn't turn around):

Her: You have to tell her how you feel.
Him: Well I did, but it's not that easy.
Her: You're not going to be great at sex straight away, it takes practice.
Him: I know, I'm still learning.
Her: Oh! I meant her, not you.
Him: The only reason I got my tongue pierced is for her, but she doesn't like it.
Her: Really? Maybe she finds it uncomfortable.

Ah, the kids of today.

I had a very late lunch, and then Jasmine's dance lesson I had a very short time for dinner, which was also interrupted by my conversation with dad's partner. Then I rushed out the door for this month's critique group. So cold outside! But the meeting went well. I was really nervous, I don't like criticising someone's book to their face! So much easier via email. But I had a few pertinent things to say and I got them out, then was able to sit back and listen to other people's input. Honestly, for a shy person like me it was easier to hear other people criticise my book than to point out flaws in someone else's!

Came home to a lovely warm house, a bit more dinner reheated, and some favourite TV the family taped for me. Luxury.

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  1. Wow, awkward teen conversation LOL!

    I'm sorry all that's going on is so stressful!