Sunday, April 14, 2013



I thought I would be exhausted for at least 24 hours after the race, but I woke yesterday full of energy. I spent nearly the whole day tackling projects around the house, including the biggest of all -- Jasmine's bedroom.

Today I took the kids to the park (it's school holidays) and they played on the equiment while I did the next zombie run -- week 2 day 2. That's when I felt the repercussions of Saturday. My shins started hurting straight away, running was very uncomfortable and I struggled to get through the session. Did it though. Yet again I am abruptly doubting the whole wisdom of continuing to run, but I'm sure the lure of zombies will keep me trying for a bit longer. I'm just sore from pushing myself, I've been doing so well for the past week. Can't give up now!

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