Tuesday, April 30, 2013



I took the kids shoe-shopping after school today. Totally failed to get anything (Jasmine is very very picky about shoes, they always "feel wrong") but decided while I was there to look at new running shoes for myself. My other ones are probably a couple of years old, I thought new ones might make a difference. They did all the various tests they do nowadays to find the right shoes and brought out three pairs with some padded inserts.

I guess I was hoping to find something that would miraculously make running pain-free, but even trotting up and down the shop made my shins hurt. I didn't buy anything, I will go back another time and do some more trials. And take my old shoes along to compare the feel.

I've pretty much decided not to do the Mother's Day run, I want to wait until I am closer to running a decent amount of that distance. I couldn't find anything else in the next couple of months, but there is always Parkrun every Saturday. And that is free.

I have PMS and I've been eating sugar and starch all day. Feel like rubbish (for both reasons). Tired and cranky and depressed. Oh well, it will pass.

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