Monday, April 8, 2013



Today I resisted the lure of the zombies and just did some dancing in my loungeroom. I was supposed to go to BodyPump but I decided I didn't have time (an hour class plus set up and driving and shower and changing is a big chunk out of my short working day) and ... just didn't wanna. BodyPump is not where my head it at at the moment.

I find balancing work and exercise and mothering etc etc tricky. I honesty don't know how others do it. Some people work many more hours than me (full time or more hours of part-time) and still have kids and have cleaner houses and go to the gym and maybe even study too. I guess they don't watch as much reality TV as I do. [At the moment (not right this second, in the evenings) they have simultaneously on three different channels The Biggest Loser, My Kitchen Rules, and The Voice. Bastard programming. They are each only on a few nights a week -- but the SAME nights as each other!] I can't watch them all, and don't have time to catch up later.

Time to retrieve children from school and have a playdate/cup of tea with a friend.

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