Sunday, April 7, 2013

Being chased by zombies


Today I tried the Zombies, Run! app. I won't be giving any spoilers about the story, but essentially it starts with you in a helicopter that crashes out in zombie territory and you have to make it to the fenced town. You hear a bit of the story, then it plays a song from your collection (more on that in a sec) then a bit more story - occasionally urging you to speed up to get away from zombies. The first session is more of an introduction and mainly walking. The actual week 1 day 1 is next.

I thought it was really fun. It definitely had me interested in running some more. Today I went to my kids' school oval which doesn't have marked lanes like the other one further away. I walked/ran around the edge, under the trees as much as possible - partly for shade but also because it was more atmospheric. The dog poo on my shoe and the nasty scratch from a twig snapping up onto my leg just made it more realistic. Oh no, would the smell of blood attract more zombies?

I was really pumped up and full of nervous energy, ready to sprint like a startled rabbit when I heard the dreaded "Braaaiiinnns......" so I was kind of disappointed that it starts you out so easy (I ran twice, and heard the laboured breathing of pursuit only once) but of course it is actually great for me because I could do the whole session. My one issue, really, is that they tell you to speed up but don't actually say to slow down again so I just chose my own time for that. I'm hoping the more official run training sessions are more precise about that.

With the music, I was having some problems getting it sorted and with all the fiddling I accidentally restarted the session when I was already 10 mins in, which was a pain. I finally worked out that it would only play "purchased" music, not all the stuff I have transferred across from my CDs. That left me with exactly one song, the only one I have ever bought directly from iTunes. So I listened to my helicopter crashing, then Christina Ricci mournfully sing "Jar of Hearts", then a bit more story, then "Jar of Hearts" again... etc. Eight, nine times? I urgently need to buy something I can run to. Maybe something angry, like Pink?

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  1. Pink is a good choice. I swear the best song to walk/run to is Slut Like You. LOL I have several of her songs on my playlist. The Zombie app sounds like fun. I'd have to buy some music too... I just have a Rhapsody subscription.