Friday, April 19, 2013

It's not working


So I stopped tracking calories and worrying about carbs and I stopped weighing myself everyday and just tried to focus on eating "real" food and moving my body. I wanted to be less obsessive about the whole subject of food and weight and somehow naturally evolve into a healthy person.

It's not working.

My new scale isn't very accurate, but I think I've put about two kilos back on. In about a week. The two kilos it took me months to lose.

I don't blame the real food/exercise combo because I haven't actually been following those guidelines well at all. Lots of junk, and the only exercise has been my zombie training run every second day -- about 35 minutes of mainly walking.

The problem is that when I relax the rules, I somehow give myself permission to go wild.

Maybe I shouldn't need strict rules of eat this/don't eat that, but I do. Apparently "eat real food" wasn't a firm enough guideline for me. I kept giving in to all sorts of food-like substances.

The fact that it is school holidays of course doesn't help, I am outside my normal routine and we are going to places like the movies where (for us) snack food is part of the event. But I think I would have had similar results anyway.

Another barrier has been the pollen. Hayfever is really making me feel awful every day. I comfort eat. Again, that is a contributer but I am in full control of what I put in my mouth -- hayfever or not.

I tend to have way too many "just on special occasions" events. Snack foods at the movies. Dessert when my dad is visiting (which he didn't eat! He never does). Chocolate cake because I feel yuck and I deserve it to make me feel better.

So I need to tighten the reins again.

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  1. I have to count calories, too. I tried a few months ago to give it up and it's just too easy to "cheat" and forget about it. When you account for it, it's not so easy to forget =)