Monday, April 29, 2013

Snout stuck in the chocolate


Yesterday afternoon Tim took the kids out for a scooter while I did some editing work; Jasmine came off her scooter again and grazed up the other knee pretty badly, putting a hole in her new jeans, and Tim was feeling a bit dizzy and sick when he got back. He seemed to recover ok but I woke up about 4.30 this morning all sweaty and with slight stomach pain. I got back to sleep eventually. Later walking the kids to school left me feeling yuck again and in a mucky sweat which was unpleasant. Luckily I felt much better throughout the day, but I put off my zombie run until tomorrow.

Still haven't managed to get back on the healthy food wagon. I tried hard today but got my snout stuck in the chocolate bar. Then tonight we got home really late after the usual Monday run of activities, Jas was delayed by being measured for her costume for the dance concert coming up and we didn't get home until 7.00 with dinner not even started, so I got fried chicken on the way. Very bad choice. Super greasy.

Luckily tomorrow is always another day, another set of decisions to make.

There is another 5K in 2 weeks, a Mother's Day run, I just saw the ad on TV today. I think I'll do it. It gets expensive but it's very motivating to have a goal and be with other runners. And the money goes to breast cancer research. I need to beat 49:38! Two more weeks training should help a lot. Mother's Day (12 May this year) is also our wedding anniversary -- 11 years. What better way to celebrate my lovely marriage than by making myself healthier so that it lasts longer?

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  1. Races do get expensive! I spent so much money earlier this year in registration fees for races. =p Good thing there aren't many 5ks in the summer here so my wallet can catch its breath! There is an obstacle race I'd love to do on my wedding anniversary, but I think at this point it would kill me and that's no way to celebrate! LOL Way to go on setting another goal - you're going to do great!