Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Undead Dancing Queen


After doing some editing in the morning then taking my daughter out of school for a dentist appointment then a quick lunch, it was zombie time again! Same routine as day 1, ten 15-second sprints amidst lots of walking. Total workout 37 minutes.

I am still excited about the whole "running away from zombies" thing, but nevertheless every time I run it reinforces the fact that it's just not natural for my body (or else my technique is terrible). Other exercise leaves me tired and maybe with sore muscles, running leaves with with aching shins (even after running on soft grass) and niggling pain in my hips and ankles. Oh well, I'm not giving up now. The zombies would get me.

I went to the further oval today, for variety, but didn't stick to the marked track.

I think I've got the music thing sorted. Maybe. I bought a few individual songs, ones I've always liked but didn't already own -- they are not particularly chosen for running, they are just songs I liked -- so today I didn't have to listen to any song more than twice; but also the friend who introduced me to the zombie app showed me how to make it play all my music. I haven't tried that yet, and the app itself says it's the less-recommended option and it can have some issues like stopping or skipping. Anyway, I'll give that a go next. I copied over my soundtrack to "Jekyll and Hyde" because I thought the transformation scene would be particularly appropriate -- lots of moans and roars! -- so I'll try that next. Although I'm not sure how to make it play specific songs or albums, today it just went through all my "purchased" songs in turn. So maybe it will just start with ABBA and go from there.

I can see me now, prancing around to "Dancing Queen" with a horde of zombies doing Thriller moves in the background...

I was extra tired after the session today, so that even picking up the kids from school (a walk of slightly over a kilometre in total) was an effort. So clearly I got in a good work-out.

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