Saturday, April 6, 2013

Party and Zombies


Last night we had a cocktail party for my husband's birthday. The actual birthday was a couple of weeks ago but having the party then would have meant getting up the next day to do the Verti-cool challenge. I am so so glad we didn't do that! I can barely even type this morning, let alone run up stairs.

It meant spending most of yesterday cleaning the house. Housework is always pretty low on our priorities list but when we have people over we do a huge clean. Sometimes unfortunately that makes us a bit tired by the time people get here! But yesterday was ok. Got everything ready, got the kids to bed, mixed up the first jug (strawberry margaritas) and got the party started.

It was an awesome night. We had a group of fun friends over and after a while of chatting we got into the Singstar and the Just Dance. Usually I'm pretty good at both, but I've found that when I've had a bit to drink I can still dance ok but I can't sing! I think my pitch was not too bad, but I had trouble keeping up and was often a word or two behind where I was supposed to be. No-one cared about who won any of the games, we all helped each other.

We had quite a lot of alcohol and I think most of us are not usually drinkers (Tim & I probably average one glass of wine a month if that) but no one got unpleasantly drunk, just happy and a bit silly. The last person left a bit before 2am, so much later than my usual bed time.

We crashed into bed but I had a lot of trouble sleeping for some reason, even though I was exhausted. I'm sure must have actually slept on-and-off but it felt like I was wakeful a lot of the night. My wrist was aching (a little dancing collision) and I felt a bit nauseated. So I'm pretty trashed this morning. Need to get some fluids into me.

Tim got up first so I came out to a clean kitchen! All the bottles and dirty glasses and squeezed husks of lemons gone. Lovely.

I had a lot of extra calories yesterday, mainly in alcohol, but it was actually a very active day.

The friend who was recently able to run 3K without stopping told me about the app she's been using, "Zombies Run", and I've downloaded it to try in case it makes run training more fun. There is a C25K type version, which I got, and another one for more advanced runners. Instead of just a boring voice telling you to start running or drop back to walking, you get a warning that a zombie is chasing you to inspire you to run faster! If it gets too close you get scary sound effects of groans and twigs snapping. I hope it doesn't give me nightmares! Haven't tried it yet, but it does sound inspiring. And apparently it starts off easier than the program I'm currently struggling with, with shorter run sections. I look forward to trying it.

As you can see I am still wavering between continuing running or not. So far I suck at it and hate the training, but on the other hand I would love to be able to run. I remember being a kid, running and leaping down stairs and feeling like I was flying. It would be awesome to get back to that.

I think today is going to be a rest day.

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