Monday, April 15, 2013



My dad is here visiting. He listens to the radio before he gets out of bed so when he came to breakfast he asked if I had heard about the Boston marathon bombing. (I think it happened about 5am our time.) I turned on the news but had to turn it off again because of the kids, so I read about it on online newspaper reports. Just crazy, and senseless.

Bad stuff seems to happen in the US all the time (and lots of other countries that we don't hear about so much) and I always feel bad for them but it doesn't really touch me; this one did I think because I just ran a race myself three days ago. I have a very recent memory of running, approaching a finish line, with my husband and son cheering me on from the sidelines. That makes this bombing much more personal for me. It's so sad for everyone there who was affected in some way, losing their life, or a leg, or a loved one.

We took dad out to Cotter Dam, Jasmine had been there for a school excursion but I'd never seen it. The actual dam itself is of course a big ugly blot on the landscape -- but impressive -- but the surroundings are really nice. There is a lovely park and playground beside the river at the base of the dam, and a long gentle path up the opposite hill so you can get a good view of the dam. We spent a little while at the top looking and reading the info about it all but had to hurry down again to take the children to the toilets. Then they got to play on the extensive playground equipment. There was no internet connection there which was probably a good thing, I had a swing and chatted to family instead of checking news feeds every few minutes.

Then we went to lunch, dad always insists on a shopping centre food court which is beyond my comprehension, but wants to go to a different food court each time (as if they aren't all identical, and equally bad). Last visit I insisted on a decent restaurant so I gave in this time. The kids always get a McDonald's Happy Meals. I've tried and hated just about everything there but went with fish & chips. Horrible. I should have just got McD or KFC, at least that has some flavour. Salt and fat flavour, of course, but better than nothing.

A few days after my bathroom scales broke I bought a cheap version from Kmart. They aren't even digital so it's hard to get a reading more accurate than half a kilo. But that is what I want at the moment. To know that I am not gaining weight but without obsessing about it. I am only weighing myself a couple of times a week, when I think of it, and I'm not tracking food or counting calories or anything. Trying to eat more "real" food. Still having treats. Just relaxing a bit about the whole thing. And exercising more.

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