Friday, April 12, 2013

Finished week 1


Today was the last day of term so we are now in school holidays. My first 5K is tomorrow (I did a FunRun a few months ago but it was only 3.4K). I did Week 1 Day 3 of my Zombies, Run! training app -- so I got through the whole first week! The other two training apps I've tried, I did week 1 a couple of times because I still couldn't do it all. This one I could, which feels good.

I had a funny moment half-way through my walk/run. My mission was to find something outside the safe zone, so at one point the voice in my ear told me to start looking around in the long grass for it. And I did! Then I realised that it was just a virtual item, it didn't actually exist in the real world.

As usual, I didn't get anywhere near as much paid work as I expected done today. So I had a think about what I did do.

Get up, dressed, work out what I need to organise for our super-busy day tomorrow, breakfast, make kids' lunch, chivvy children into readiness (how many times do I have to say "shoes on NOW!"?) take them to school. Drive to shops, find birthday present for tomorrow's party, grocery shopping, drive home, put cold things in fridge, start load of laundry. It is now 11.00. Cup of tea. Editing work. Make and eat lunch, sit and read (re-read) Game of Thrones. Change into work-out clothes, go for zombie run, shower and change. Time to pick up kids from school, take Aiden to gymnastics and get him changed, drive halfway across this small city to pick up my race pack for tomorrow as I registered one day too late to get it mailed to me, drive home. Now 4.30. Organise a playlist on my iPhone for race tomorrow, eat some grapes. Go to pick up Aiden from gymnastics, talk to his coach, drive home, start dishwasher, make and eat dinner. Write blog. We are coming up to 7.00pm.

Honestly the only gap I see there is that I had a long lunch break -- a whole hour.

I often have plans, earlier in the day, to work in the evening; but generally I'm too tired. I just want to sit in front of the TV and watch and/or read and/or play my iPhone.

This is not to complain, not at all! I am just justifying to myself why I often feel like I got nothing done all day. I did, really. Just not paid work!

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