Monday, May 13, 2013



I know there have been quite a few non-weight-loss related posts this past week, but this is my place to vent.

I am about to cut ties with that difficult client, even though it will probably mean I won't get the second half of the payment. The stress is not worth the money, and I don't even know if I would get paid even if I spent another ten hours on it. (I've read their life story! Doesn't bode well.) They just did a completely unreasonable thing and acted like it was normal. I am so worked up right now with my stomach churning. I am awaiting their response to my disbelieving email but I think no matter what they say (and it's unlikely to be nice) I need to make this be over.

In other stressful news, my new employer wants referees from a "recognised company". I'm a freelance fiction editor. I work for individuals. I haven't worked in an office for more than ten years. We've already signed the contracts, so I have no idea if it is going to be a deal breaker. Whatever, I'd rather sit at home and watch TV anyway.

Not happy this morning.

Still not turning to food.


  1. So sorry that things are so stressful right now. It always seems to all pile up at once! Hope the rest of the week brings some peace!

  2. Thanks Jennifer. Everything seems calm now after the stress of the day. Client and I have parted ways, still have some hope of money. I can put that behind me and look forward to the next job.